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LipSense Review: Should You Try It?

Look here y'all, I love me some lipstick, preferably a matte lipstick. I think a bomb lipstick color just brings your whole makeup look together and I just love how it can pretty much set your whole mood for the day. So, I am always up to try a new kind of lipstick but LipSense always had me giving a little (ok huge) side eye and I will tell you why a bit later. 

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Beauty Obsession: Combining High + Low

My obsession with skincare has grown so much over the last four years. With my interest in makeup steady growing, I've realized that having great skincare is even more important. As I've been scrolling  through beauty blogs and magazines, I'm constantly seeing high price skincare items being used with low price skincare items. So I thought I would share with y'all a few of my staple products I use every  single day. Thus, a new monthly Series is BORN! 

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