DFA Recap: Sunset Yoga with Corepower Yoga

So, if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you will see I am apart of an awesome fitness tribe called Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. We focus on on connecting people in Dallas with fitness events around the Dallas area and hosting our own amazing events. 



On March 15th, DFA hosted sunset yoga with Corepower Yoga at Northpark Center. Its always great to get together with my ambassador friends and meet new people from these events; even better when I get to practice yoga in one of my favorite spots in Dallas. Northpark Center has this stunning center court garden in the middle of the mall and it's basically an urban oasis. It was so dope for DFA to host an outdoor event out there. 

CorePower Yoga

The class was lead by Jay and Caitlyn of Corepower yoga and I was extremely pleased with both of them. Jay did such a great job of instructing us into our poses and his flow was so easy to follow. It was a bit of a challenge but I was enjoying it so much, along with his playlist that I honestly didn't mind it. Caitlyn was great at navigating through the class, helping people along the way with their posture (me) and finding their balance (also me). 



You can hands down, ALWAYS count on Dallas Fitness Ambassadors to come through with dope vendors for the events. Since sunset yoga was hosted in the middle of a glorious mall, several stores were available after our class for some fun goodies. DryBar was there providing everyone with awesome braids, MiniLux offered everyone free manicures right there on the lawn.

 Green House Market laid out tasty snacks to try and this Chia Seed Pudding is everything I needed in life.  The Juice Bar was dishing out bottles of some of their favorite juices which was perfect after a nice workout.