Virtual Brunch Date: Introductions

First of all, Thank you so much for the support you all have bestowed on to me about my blog. You guys are almost as awesome as I am! JK! Seriously, though, thank you so much! So far, you probably clicked on this thinking I'm having a brunch date with a whole man...oh how I wish! No! This virtual brunch date series is to catch up with my friends and my readers about my thoughts, upcoming plans and what I have planned in the upcoming month.

Why Brunch you ask?

Because Brunch is what the Lord gave us folks who like to sleep in but still enjoy an amazing meal.

Because, Brunch is life.

Because, Brunch is a great way to catch up with friends, enjoy coffee OR the occasional alcoholic beverage without feeling shame OR enjoy both. At the same time. #ThisIsMe

That's why I choose to take yall on a virtual brunch date.

Lets get to it, yall know I like to talk!



If we were on a brunch date I would tell you.....

That Sixty Vines in Plano (featured in both brunch photos) has some of the best brunch I've ever had.) I think Little Baby Jesus is back there hand making everything from scratch.)

I recommend getting the Angel Food French Toast. and the roasted cauliflower. and duck fat potatoes. and the upside down pineapple pancakes. Yup. All at once. #ThankMeLater

  • How excited I am for the month of June! I've heard this is the month, Queens are born and what a coincident... This just HAPPENS to be my Birthday Month! (June 25)
  • As of now, I have no plans for my birthday but it is exciting none the less!

  • That this month, a few Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and I will be working with VisitNorman and VisitOKC !! Both help the great cities of Norman and Oklahoma City bring more tourism to the area. I am so excited for this opportunity so yall need to go follow me right now on Instagram so you wont miss ANY of my Instagram stories. We have some FUN things planned in Oklahoma.

  • How happy I am to have found some awesome friends here in Dallas. Moving is always a scary situation and I am thankful for the awesome folks I already knew here in Dallas.

  • That I will be attending BlogFest this July! It is a huge blogger conference for fitness bloggers and fitness professionals. This year it will be held in Vegas and with 5 of my girls from Dallas Fitness Ambassadors going, it is sure to be interesting! Don't worry though, I'll keep you in loop about my trip on my Insta Stories. Last year in LA, the girls had an absolute BLAST and learned so much so I cannot wait to attend.

  • That working out is no longer a pain in the ass for me. Seriously, I would workout when I finally stopped being lazy that week. Which is no way to achieve your goals to be summer body SNATCHED! I keep it interesting by trying so many different ways to work up a sweat. So far, I have done the following...
  • Pilates (completely underestimated this. Its more of a workout then it seems.)
  • Spin Class (if they would make the seats more comfy, a sister would go more often.)
  • Acro Yoga (so scary but you feel amazing when you hit a pose)
  • Walking the Lake. (Thanks to my Ambitious friend Ginger, I shredded almost 800 calories and got a magically sunburn.)
  • Sculpt Yoga (Lawd Almighty Ever Lasting. You can really feel it after this class.)
 Sixty Vines

Sixty Vines

Favorite Blog Posts

Here ill be featuring some of my favorite blog posts I have ran across the internet these last few weeks.

1. My girl Stephanie Suire wrote an AMAZING post about some of her favorite places in Dallas to have brunch. Serious, this list is saved to my desk top

2. Huong not only is a beautiful soul, she has an equally beautiful blog. Her post on beginning your Healthy Journey really gave some key points in how to get started on a healthy lifestyle!

3. Looking for fun fitness activities to do in Dallas for the month of June? My friend Mai Lyn has you COVERED. Check it out on her blog and be sure to grab a pen and paper.

Comment below on your thoughts about my new series, Bunch Date and what are your plans for June!?