Barre and Bites: Summer Kickoff Recap

Barre & Bites is a fitness event thrown by bloggers and my awesome friends, Janna and Ginger!

Ginger and Janna

It's purpose is to bring together fitness enthusiasts and raise money for organizations in need. (BTW, my girl Janna MADE this wall for photo opportunities, if that's not hands on for her own event, then idk what is.) ( photoshoot bahahaha)

For their summer kickoff event, Barre and Bites teamed up with the awesome folks at Outdoor Voices Dallas to raise money for the Genesis Women’s Shelter! Since yall have read this far, I know you are ready to see the awesome stuff my girls had planned for this event!

The Workout

So before Janna kicked off her awesome Barre workout, everyone had to check in with the amazingly pretty woman at the! Maddie and I held down the fort when it came to these super cute t shirts that the first 25 tickets got.

[S/N]: idk why I look so annoyed in this photo, I was totally going to say something like "oh I was concentrating on something".......naw... I'm sure I saw something dumb posted on Facebook. Bahaha

Then Janna led everyone through a badass Barre workout that lasted about an hour and let me just say, She is a superwoman for real. I can barely smile through an intense workout, Janna leads, talks and smiles the entire time!

Bites, Drinks and Braids!  

After Janna toned (and kicked) everyone's booty, the real fun kicked off! While we danced to fun tunes from the DJ who btw, won my heart at the end of the night with playing Spice Girls, we sampled tasty bites and sipped coacktails supplied by OTR: On The Rocks Cocktails.  OTR Cocktails are made right here in Dallas and they are award winning luxurious craft bottled cocktails. You seriously just add ice, a glass and your mouth. They do all the hard work foryou creating the tasty cocktail in the bottle. My personal favorite was the Mai Tai which is apart of their tropical line.

Hoist Rapid Hydration came through with fun and tasty weights for the actually barre workout then let us try several of their fun flavors. I was so excited to try dragon fruit but to my surprise, the good ol stand by, Lemon-lime was my favorite! It was super refreshing!  

High Brew Coffee gave everyone to a chance to try their brand of coffees, including the new protein packed coffee in Creamy Cappuccino which was actually very tasty. Mexican Vanilla will ALWAYS have my heart with them though.  I seriously could use a case of that to arrive at my doorstep.

Craft and Co Salon came through with a dope team to give everyone sick braids in recorded time! Seriously, Shay gave me a fun pompadour braid and Ukwen hooked Mai Lyn up with a fun number to go out in later!

As far as the bites, where do I even begin?

Grabba Green brought out some tasty fresh juices and delicious bites of their peanut butter protein bar, their famous grabba bar and their Southwestern Grabba Grain salad.

I'm sure I spent the most time with Krave Jerky and barkTHINs snacking chocolate table...Why? Because there was SO MUCH to try. Krave brought almost all their flavors out for us to sample and I found a new love for the Pork and Turkey jerky they have!

barkThins also brought most of their flavors out to tasty and I was so surprised! I have never purchased their product in stores because I do not care for dark chocolate. If feels like someone dropped a bitter bomb on my taste buds and they start hating me. Their products are quite delicious and I went out to buy the blueberry one the very nexy day!

Barre and Bites even gave out some fun prizes for the raffle drawing!

Now, I completely understand that was a long post but I also understand that you are wondering how in the world can I attend something this cool! Lucky for you, Ginger and Janna will be kicking off their Barre and Bites summer series here pretty soon.  Just click on this fun photo of them to buy your tickets to the first summer series event at the garden of the Dallas Palms!