Beauty: My Top 3 Highlighters + A New Favorite


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I think every woman who enjoys makeup can agree, your look is not completed without a good bit of sparkle to finish it off. The amount of sparkle to add, is where many of us can disagree. Some love a blinding amount of sparkle and others just want a nice natural looking glow. Me? Just depends on my mood. 

Somedays I'm feeling extra fabulous so I need y'all to see this #BlackGirlMagic glow from up the street and other days, I'm just feeling just fabulous so I'm good with just showing y'all a little glow. 

These are my top highlighters because not ONLY do they look amazing on Women of Color (y'all already know I'm looking out for y'all) but they compliment most skin tones as well. They also never let me down. Ever. 

 Image via Sephora

Image via Sephora

This highlighter is "technically" not actually a highlighter according to Mac Cosmetics, It's a slow baked luxury Mineralize Skin-finisher. This one is an old favorite. I've been buying this skin-finisher for years and It is one of the first MAC products I feel in love with. It goes on in a neutral tan color with cool undertones. I can get a little heavy handed with this one and not look like a disco ball!

Price: $33 

 Image via Sephora

Image via Sephora

This highlighter is an exclusive Champagne Pop shade, a soft gold with sunny, peach undertones that was created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, a famous Instagram Beauty Expert. I was excited for this to roll out but I was weary if it would actually work for my skin tone. I was pleasantly surprised! I can get heavy handed with this one because the pigment is sooooo strong but apply it right and its perfect!You can find this product at Ulta, Sephora and the product website. 

Price: $38

 Image via Sephora

Image via Sephora

Y'all.....this kit right here....especially for Women of just all you need in life for highlighting. Seriously. All time favorite highlighter kit. Every color works so well on it's own and together. It is really really hard just to apply one so I usually layer them; my two favorites are Bronzed and Tourmaline. Besides their dipbrow, this is my 2nd favorite item from Anastasia Beverly Hills.You can find this product at Ulta, Sephora and the product website.

Price: $40

 Image via Sephora

Image via Sephora

Chrissy Teigen has been one of my spirit animals for a long time because not only is she stunning, has a great cookbook but is hilarious!!! So when she announced this collaboration with Becca, I couldn't wait to see what color highlighters she picked. Once again, she has a great versatile kit for all shades with a nice blush! It has become my go to for my travel highlighter kit. You can find this product at Ulta, Sephora and the product website. 

Price: $46

 Image via;

Image via 

Y'all know I can't show y'all all these wonderful picks without showing you my favorite brush to apply them! Love Love Love this brush. For it to be so cheap, this brush does the job. It grabs just enough product on the bristles to apply a nice amount but also allows you to build on the product. It can be used to apply mineral makeup and creams; however I have only used it for highlighting. You can find this product at Walmart, Target, ultra and real

Price: $4-8

Have you tried any of these products before? How did you like them? 

*Also, I am well aware that some of you will look at the prices and hyperventilate. #Chill I have some low end highlighters coming soon. In the meantime, when I do purchase these, each last me well over 6 months.