Oklahoma Series: Favorite Eats in Oklahoma City

i’ve partnered with VisitNorman VisitOKC to bring you this post. All opinions remain my own.

After having a great time in Norman, thanks to Visit Norman, we headed to Oklahoma City and our itinerary was PACKED. VisitOKC made sure to give the full OKC experience and we couldn't wait to get started! We had some many experiences in Oklahoma City so I'm breaking it up into two parts: Best Eats and Best Places to Visit.

Oklahoma City is only about 25 minutes from Norman so we arrived at our hotel fairly quickly and was able to relax a bit before we got to meet the lovely ladies from VisitOKC. 


Y'all, let me just tell you how I just knew Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes was going to be delicious. Every time we would tell someone from OKC that we was going to eat at Barrios for dinner Friday night, their face would go into this state of bliss and then they would say "You are going to LOVE it, get the fajitas and avocado drink" "Oh, and make a reservation.". Every.Single.Time. Haha! 

When we arrived, we all commented on how cute the place was. Like its adorable! and packed. I see why everyone said we needed a reservation. haha Also, you know we all ordered the fajitas. The chicken fajitas were sooooo good but the Shrimp? Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all 3 wisemen was the shrimp fajitas delicious. #NomNomNom They also make one hell of a guacamole! (get the mango one) 

One of my favorite dishes was the QUESO FUNDIDO WITH MUSHROOMS, POBLANOS & HANDMADE FLOUR TORTILLAS ! Not your traditional texan queso by any means. The cheese melts kinda like a mozzarella, you know...melted but not runny; so you kinda had to cut it with the side of your fork and spoon it onto one of those homemade flour tortillas. I'm almost positive that a cheese god was back there sprinkling their magic on that one. 

They also have a variety of specialty drinks too that were totally IG-worthy! Like this prickly -catus drink with gummy worms a few girls ordered. If it wasn't so much coconut in it, I might have enjoyed it but coconut just be doing the most with my taste buds. #NoThanks Everyone who ordered said it was great though!  

Ginger ordered a fun drink that required a full mini show! It was cool to watch how they added the smoked drink to your glass and let you smell it. It was a little strong for both of us when we tried it but if you are a bourbon/whiskey fan, this will be your jam! 

Overall, I left full and extremely happy! I can understand why all of OKC is obsessed with this place. It was my favorite restaurant we had the privilege of eating at in OKC. Oh, don't mind me in this photo, we cute but I'm totally sure I was Hangry when we took it. Haha 

Waffle Champion 

When I heard we was going to Waffle Champion I had to run to google to check it because I'm down with any place that loves waffles....and because I'm nosy but thats besides the point. Locals say to avoid the line that tends to form on the weekends, arrive before 830am. 

As usual, we all order different things to share but not a lot of options for breakfast; plenty for lunch/dinner. It was so early to try a savory waffle but I didn't want a super sweet one either. Luckily, I found a nice compromise with the special that week, Waffles and Gravy. Its a waffle smothered in sausage gravy, topped with a fried egg, pickled red peppers and drizzled with maple honey. It was Oh So YUMMY! Another favorite was the Blueberry Sunrise. Traditional waffle covered in a blueberry-thyme compote and a lemon-goat cheese spread oat crumble. 

Hall's Pizza Kitchen

Hall's Pizza Kitchen was a fairly new/old establishment when we arrived in OKC to go eat there. They had been a popular food truck for years before finally opening a brick and mortar place. The place is so nicely decorated with several floors for dining. We got to eat on the rooftop deck with a great view of OKC. We had such a busy morning, I couldn't wait to sit, relax and get some food. The staff were so nice and welcoming, even with our many questions about the menu and our lust for some water ASAP. Oklahoma heat is right up there with Texas heat....ridiculous. 

Everyone told us that the most popular item was the Quinn’s Burrata. Picture this, fresh mozzarella with prosciutto that you can place on a toasted flatbread, with a honey truffle and olive oil drizzle. 

Tip: Once you finish, save the plate with the oil to dip your pizza crust in. Jesus is back there hand making that truffle oil mixture. #ThisIsNotUpForDebate

I also tried the tomato, mozzarella salad with a balsamic vinegar reduction on top and pickled red onions which was such a nice start to my meal. 

The cool thing about Hall's is they give you the option to order a full pizza or half/half. We ordered a full "Saturday Night" and Split the "Sunday Lunch" and the "Okie". I enjoyed the "Sunday Lunch" the best! It is a pizza with smoked brisket, roasted potatoes, charred onions, jalapeños, a garlic cream reduction, mozzarella with parmesan reggiano! Yum!!! 

The Drake

The Drake is a local favorite that specializes in seafood. Just because we are women and this is what we do, we got all dressed up to eat here. The place was super charming inside and out! Totally reminded me of some place that was from Miami. 

I have to dive you right into the food this night because it was sooooooo much! Lets start with my favorite of the entire night.....the Hushpuppies. Yes. I went to a place that specializes in seafood and walked out with a favorite in the hushpuppies. Y'all...the were served with ham, hot sauce and a whipped butter. So you get this sweetness from the hushpuppy, salt from the ham, spicy from the hot sauce and a nice creamy finish from the butter...all in ONE BITE. When the chef told us the recipe came from his grandmother, i knew thats why they were so good. Grandmas make everything taste better. 

A few of the Brit and Mai tried the fresh oyster sampler. You have to option of ordering like one to like 236. Ok, thats excess but they give you a nice way to order exactly what you want. They tried two from like 5 different regions. Of course, the Texas oysters were HUGE. While Ginger helped herself to some clam chowder and it fed her soul. haha 

For dinner, we got a nice assortment of things and it was night to have a lighter but equally filling dinner that night. Mai thought the paella would be a great idea and it was delicious. Stephanie and Jessica ordered the scallops because they were so highly recommended. Boy...they were huge! Stephanie's were so big we had to split one. Haha! 

We also shared a salt baked branzino which was interesting dish with a fun presentation! Basically, it is baked in a shell of egg white and salt. It was so fun to try something new. The waitress cracks this bad boy open table side for you. 

Cheever's Cafe

Now, before dive into this, I must confess I've known about this place because of my reality obsession....a fun reality show was shot here. So, when I found out this was on the list, I was extra happy. The place is so cute! We had a somewhat crazy morning with a paddle boarding experience so this place was such a relief. 

First up was the queso fundido and salads. The queso reminded me more of a layered dip more then queso. I don't know if its the Texan in me or what, but when you say queso, bring the actual queso. lol The other ladies did such a good job ordering their salads (not me, you will see in a minute) and the portions were huge! 

As for me and Stephanie, we took the sweeter route that morning and went for the cinnamon roll and the French Toast Bread Pudding. Whyyy was that cinnamon roll was so big? (*insert that emoji with the mouth open*) but it was delicious. Stephanie is awesome to share with us. 

My french toast bread pudding had maple crème anglaise, macerated berries and served with skillet potatoes, crispy bacon. I can't say a whole lot more then OH MY GOSH and ill let the photos do the talking. Just know it was my favorite sweet bite of my entire trip. #HandsDown. 

If I made you hungry with this post, Sorry not Sorry. Haha If I didn't text you back all that weekend its because I was stuffing my face half the time. So hopefully I gave you guys a good insight on the OKC food scene and you plan a trip here soon! 

Next up on the blog, All the activities we did while in OKC!