LipSense Review: Should You Try It?

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Look here y'all, I love me some lipstick, preferably a matte lipstick. I think a bomb lipstick color just brings your whole makeup look together and I just love how it can pretty much set your whole mood for the day. So, I am always up to try a new kind of lipstick but LipSense always had me giving a little (ok huge) side eye and I will tell you why a bit later. 


Unless you have been under a rock, I'm sure you have heard someone talk about or sell this kind of lipstick called LipSense.  The line has well over 50 shades within the line, (when i chose my color, I really focused on a neutral color to narrow my search down) and 11 different lip glosses as well. LipSense is the number one selling product of a company called SeneGene that is a networking marketing company that speciallizes in developing and selling personal care products through independent distributors. Basically, if you want to try LipSense, you need to know someone who sells it. Even if you go to the website, they will help you find a distributor in your area to purchase from. Which leads me to my first tip about Lipsense....Find a Distributor. 

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|Get An Awesome Distributor|

My friend Ashley (@FitgirlinFlight) has been a distributor of LipSense for a few years now and she  understands my love of makeup, so while we were in Vegas, she mentioned to me that I should just try LipSense. She offered to send me a kit, with a color of my choice and just give it a try. She thought it would be a good product to add to my rotation since I do wear makeup a lot and she has seen me consume massive amounts of food in our group settings. I told her that i would think about it because I honestly had some concerns...some reasonable...some not. lol 

  • I thought the claims were "boosted". Seriously, there is no way you can put a lipstick on and it doesn't come off SOMEWHAT. 
  • I wasn't familiar with the brand so I honestly had no idea that this product would be worth the money. 
  • My lips are big. Ya'll have seen them. The product uses a gloss to seal the color so it stays on. I really didn't want to look like I was in jr. high when i use to Layer.On.The.Gloss. The #Glowup is real y'all

BUT I am beyond nosy so I took Ashley up on her offer to just try it. lmao

Ashley is an awesome distributor because she really works with you to make sure you pick a color you love. I couldn't decide between "Bella" and another color that was similar , so Ashley even sent me examples of BOTH colors on other women of color to compare before I made a choice. With those references, i immediately chose the color "Bella" for two reasons. 

  1. Looked great on skin tones of Women Of Color (WOC)
  2. It is a good neutral color so I could wear this color everyday to get a good feel of it.





It is highly recommended that if this is your first purchase of LipSense, You want to get the starter kit which gives you the lip color, the Glossy Gloss and the Oops Remover for $55. Sounds like a lot at first, but trust me, you need all 3 to have a successful lip day. The products arrive in sealed, nice clear tubes with gold tops. 

I'm sure you have been noticing the super cute pink carrying case I've been keeping my LipSense in....Ashley has those specially made for her LipSense clients! It is the cutest thing with a mirror and plenty of room for at least 2 lip colors, the Glossy Gloss and the Oops Remover. So be sure and ask how you can get one when reaching out to her about this LipSense. 



The product comes with instructions on how to apply on the side of the lip color package.To apply LipSense, you need to do the following....

  • Apply the color, one layer at a time, in one direction on the lips. I cannot stress enough how important it is to go in one direction. Failure to do so will leave your color really streaky after gloss is applied. (#Warning, the lip color with cause your lips to sting for a few seconds with each layer applied. Thats because the product is made with cosmetic grade alcohol to help with the staying power)
  • Wait 5 seconds in between layers 
  • Apply 2-3 layers for optimal color
  • Seal with the Glossy Gloss 
  • Rock it out the rest of your day!

BUT if you have a great Distributor like Ashley, She will understand which color you have and give you the best instructions for it. For example, the color I chose "Bella", is actually a matte color so instead of letting it dry 5 seconds in between layers (like the tube says), Ashley sent me a video that says wait 30 seconds in between layers.


With this particular color, when I waited 5 seconds in between, the color would become hella streaky when I applied the gloss. Enough to the point where I had to start over. and over. and over. The first day was a bit rough so always ask your distributor for tricks or tips. 

However, once applied right....


I tried it out....

At a Media Dinner


At a Rangers game. 

I am not sure what VooDoo Magic the folks at SeneGene are working with to create LipSense but this stuff is pretty awesome!

Btw: How cute is my dad? haha


|Pigment| - 9/10 - The color is suuuuuper thin coming out the tube. I legit was like "Uhhh....WTF is this mess?" If you love lipstick like me, you will be annoyed at first but trust me after the gloss is applied, it works! 

|Texture| - 7/10 - The burning sensation with the application of the lip color just be doing THE MOST and the scent is unpleasant for some. When the gloss is applied, it can feel a bit thick but Ashley told me another great trick, wait a few minutes and dab the gloss off. After that, I am Golden.

|Wear| - 10/10 - Yes. Yes. YES! This stuff does not move and is very comfortable throughout the day. In fact, so comfortable, sometimes you will forget you have lipstick on. How awesome is that? 

|Value| - 9/10 - That initial $55 dollars can be a bit intimidating BUT once you have the gloss (which you don't need that much on the brush to do it's job) and the remover, you are sitting pretty for awhile, unless you want another color. lol 

I would recommend this product for sure. 

I think it is great to have a product like this in your makeup bag for those super busy days and occasions, like a wedding or trips. With the State Fair starting here in Dallas this week, I am excited to wear LipSense and not have to worry about lipstick being on my teeth, food or hands while I inhale everything but the kitchen sink. Haha

Hit up Ashley on her personal distributor page for any questions or to take a peek at the products! 


Have you tried LipSense before? Yay or Nay? Comment below your thoughts! 

|Disclaimer: Although I did receive this product for free, I am giving you an honest review and all opinions are my own. I was raised right so I won't steer y'all in the wrong direction|