Oklahoma Series: Places to Visit While In Norman, OK

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Ok Ya'll, if you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you know that a few weeks ago, I was invited by Visit Norman and Visit Oklahoma City to explore their cities with a few friends from Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. I am SO EXCITED to finally share everything we did over the course of 4 days. Being from North East Texas, we run to Oklahoma for like two things, gambling and Broken Bow cabins. THIS is way I was excited to go on this trip to see what else Oklahoma has in store.  Seriously, we got to see so many fun places that I had no choice but to split it up into a series. Otherwise, this post would have like 42 million words and 55 million photos.

See what I did there? I thought about ya'll time and stuff. #ThankMeLater

Marriott NCED Conference Center and Hotel


I can describe the Marriott NCED Conference Center and Hotel in one single word....HUGE. Yall...I seriously have not been in a hotel that big since I went to Las Vegas. It is basically a one stop shop. The staff there were all super inviting and warm. In addition to having over 900 guestrooms and suites, they also have the following...

  •  TWO gymnasiums/basketball courts
  • A large and a small fitness center
  • running track
  • Large saline pool

All of that made it super easy to get a workout in without being bored!

Fun Fact: They were hosting a cheerleading competition that weekend we were there so that was cool to check out!

HeyDay Entertainment


After relaxing a bit at the Marriott Hotel, we loaded in our Mazda CX-9s (THANKS MAZDA for the hook up) and headed to HeyDay Entertainment for some serious fun!

Now ya'll know me, normally I am full of details when it comes to telling you about things but I had such a good time at HeyDay it's hard to describe. HeyDay is a huge entertainment venue that has two bowling alleys, laser tag, obstacle courses and so much more. This venue brought us A LOT of laughs and plenty of fun memories. To make things even more festive, we all wore these awesome socks Visit Norman gave us with awesome murals on them.

We got to bowl on the 2nd floor which is more of the "grow folks" area of the venue and sample some amazing food. I personally always enjoys a good fried pickle and these did NOT disappoint. Now, bowling was so much and eating is always enjoyable.....but let me skip yall on to my favorite part of HeyDay.....


Seriously, words cannot form in my brain to tell yall how much fun we had!! I legit felt like a super soldier meets wonder woman meets whoever Lupeta Nyong is playing in the new black panther movie meets kickass me. Yup. That's how Badass I felt playing laser tag. #TeamRed

It. Was. Awesome.

We all found out how old we were too because after about an hr, we were all tired.

Badasses....but tired. 


Campus Corner District

Campus Corner District is THE spot in Norman to find great food, great drinks and a great atmosphere! It sits just north of the University of Oklahoma campus and we had an amazing meal at Volare. We got a table pretty easy since it was summer but during the school year, its packed everywhere in campus corner. 

At Volare, we enjoy appetizers of jalapeño popper dip, fries mozzarella with marinara sauce and fired pig skins! Afterwards, we ordered several pizzas to share including the Ricotta Be Kiddin’ Me,the King Parma, Big Stick, and the Bee Sting. My favorite was the Ricotta Be Kiddin' Me because....lets face it, anything smothered in cheese is delicious. 

So before we headed to our next stop, the girls twisted my arm and MADE me run over to check out The Baked Bear. Ok, that was a total lie. If you know me, you already knew that was a total lie and probably kept right on reading. haha I mean we HAD to check it out, the line was out the door when we came to eat at Volare. 

I can't tell you what kind of concoction I created at the Baked Bear, just know the portions were big, it was sweet sticky goodness and had a red velvet cookie. 

Tip: If you get the sandwich there, always asked to get it hot pressed. #ThankMeLater 

National Weather Center

On our way to tour the National Weather Center, we drove by the OU campus and I must say, even being an Oklahoma State Fan, OU has a niiiiiiiiiiice football stadium. My lovely friend BreeAnne will be so happy I told that thought about her beloved OU out loud. LOL

First thing I noticed about the weather center, was the massive amount of windows for a center that monitors the weather...in Oklahoma....tornado capital of the world (in my mind). Y'all, one side of the building is a wall of windows. Its beautiful but I was so surprised to see this. On the tour, we learned that the entire building is reinforced with Kevlar, yeah that stuff you find in bulletproof vests, and its engineered to stand the crazy storms produced in the area. 

Further into the tour, we got to see the office of the people who work in the National Weather Service Forecast Office and the Storm Prediction Center. It was pretty cool to learn these employees predict the storms for the entire country. All the way from Alaska to Texas to New Hampshire. Yup. From Oklahoma. Crazy huh? #PressureMuch?

After the tour, we hopped in our cars and headed to Oklahoma City! Stay Tuned. I cannot wait to share the story behind this and my facial expression.......(dripping in sarcasm) lmfao

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