Virtual Brunch Date: Bread Pudding, Petty Moments and Everything in Between

This virtual brunch date series is to catch up with my friends and my readers about my thoughts, upcoming plans and what I have planned in the upcoming month.

Why Brunch you ask?

Because, Brunch is life.

Thanks for meeting for another brunch date! Its been almost a month since we last met up and I've been busy. I have so much to share with you about what I've been doing and what I have coming up.

Obviously, I cant do all this on an empty stomach or without vodka I mean a mimosa, so lets get right to my recommendations!

If we were on a brunch date I would tell you.....

That while I was in Oklahoma for a girls weekend, I discovered that Cheever's Cafe has a Bread Pudding French Toast that is out of this world! Picture this, maple crème anglaise (anglaise is a Boojie term, basically its a pourable custard), macerated berries in a rich dense cloud of bread pudding french toast goodness served with skillet potatoes and crispy bacon. 

Its so big, so I would recommend sharing with someone or if your a Greedy Gretchen, don't! I won't judge. for long. Maybe like 5 whole minutes but thats it. I promise.  

If we were on a brunch date I would tell you.....

  • That I had an awesome birthday! 27 years seems a little scary because I could basically high five the age of 30 but its been cool so far. I celebrated at Top Golf with a few of my best Buds, Veleisa, Ginger and Mai Lyn. Y'all ROCK! Thanks for getting me out the house! (No group photo,ughh we need to do better!)

  • One particular thing that is annoying about turning 27 years old, is the constant asking of when I will have children, Like, nobody asks me about getting married so when I say "when i find a whole husband", I get the most random stare. Y'all know that stare....the same stare I give when someone's child is acting a fool in a public place and is old enough to know better. Yeah, that crazy one. 

  • I've been stressed out since May. Im not kidding. I just have a lot going on which is my own fault but I swear there is never enough time and never enough money to live sometimes. I legit just pray about it and keep it moving. I won't lie though, sometimes it weighs me down. Thankful for good friends here in Dallas that listen to me and get me out the house. 

If we were on a brunch date I would tell you.....

  • That recently, an old friend has reentered my life and I'm ecstatic! I tend to be stubborn sometimes...well all the time...I'm working on it. Anyways, long story short, A very persistent BEST friend of ours who I love dearly was determined to get us back where we was. It took some time but now its feeling like old times and I am so glad. I've missed her dearly. Ya'll heard of Frick and Frack? Well we are Anita Faker and Phony Braxton. Haha 

  • If I haven't mentioned this, I'll be going to Las Vegas TWO WEEKS IN A ROW. Look y'all, this is what I get for trying to be everywhere for everyone. Trust me, This will not happen again. I was just presented with two opportunities that I couldn't turn down so here I am. If you need me that last week of July, I'll be hold up in my bed eating raman noodles. The cheap kind thats like 99 cents. Any donations to my noodle fund, please contact me on my Instagram. lmao 
  • I would totally start an GoFund Me but thats tacky. #SorryNotSorry 

  • I had a super petty moment this week at work. 
  • Just some background info, I think petty moments are necessary and funny if done right. Now, do I think being Petty all the time is cute? Naw. Then you are just bitter. However, they are necessary because people be TRYING IT. Plus, sharing my petty moments with y'all makes see that my life isn't peachy keen. 
  • Ok, So..this girl (she is a girl for trying it with me) at work felt it was her duty in life to throw me under the bus after spending the entire day in my face smiling. What she failed to realize is that, I was driving the bus. Sooooo.....I casually sent an email I was asked for by my boss, filled with all the progress I've done (with numbers to back it up) to my boss, her and my coworkers. Naturally, I got praised. So next time I saw her, I asked about her numbers, became faked concerned and gently reminded her I could've helped her but she chose to try it. 
  • Moral of the story: Don't not come for me when I don't send for you first.
  • Moral of the Story: Don't call me lazy. period. Especially when I clearly outshine you. NEXT!

Also, I am so happy this GIF worked. Titus is my spirit animal. 

 Image Via Netflix

Image Via Netflix

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Thanks for sitting down with me this month y'all! Comment Below on your thoughts about this month's brunch date!